Cheerleading Tryout Information

Tryouts for the 2013-2014 squad

Tryout Information & Stunt Clinic @ Brewer Center

Saturday, August 17 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Tryout Dates

Friday, August 23 6:30-10:00 p.m. @ Brewer Center
Saturday, August 24 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. @ Brewer Center

Listed below are the requirements for the 2013-2014 CSU Cheerleading Squad. Please work hard to master all of the following skills in order to be a competitive applicant for the tryouts.

Important Information

What to Wear: gold, navy or white shorts and shirt, bow (for girls), cheerleading shoes. Girls will be scored on their collegiate appearance.
Do not wear anything that says CSU Cheerleading on it.
Must bring: A signed  assumption of risk form Incoming or transfer students will have to bring proof of acceptance to CSU. 

>> Medical Paperwork Instructions

Every person trying out has to be cleared by the athletic trainers BEFORE trying out. In order to be cleared they must have their medical paperwork completely filled out, a sickle cell test result, and a physical either from a doctor or from our trainer at CSU. If they are getting a physical at CSU it must be done on August 18 at 2pm. But in order to get their physical on the 18th they have to have their paperwork filled out and sickle results.

For More Information Contact
Head Coach: Katey McCoy


All girls trying out must have a minimum of a standing backhandspring and running round off backhandspring (with the potential and willingness to learn more tumbling skills). Guys trying out must be willing to learn to tumble but are not required to currently have tumbling skills.

All girls trying out will be judged on:

  • CSU Fight Song
  • A Cheer taught at tryouts
  • Standing and running tumbling
  • Toe touch and 3 jump combination or 2 jump to tumbling
  • 2 stunts
  • Gameday performance
  • Collegiate Image
  • Flyers will be asked to show heel stretch, scorpion, scale and bow body positions

All guys trying out will be judged on:

  • Partner and group stunting
  • Tumbling

This is a skills based tryout. Meaning the harder skills you do (with good execution, of course) the higher you will score.

For More Information Contact
Head Coach: Katey McCoy