Coach, Katey McCoy

Katey McCoy grew up in Florence, S.C., and has lived in Charleston for two years. She was a competitive gymnast from age 4-13 and was training level 9 when she began her cheerleading career. She has cheered on level 5 teams at respected All-Star gyms such as ACX, Carolina All-Star and RockStar All-Star. After cheering through high school, she cheered four years on Clemson University's nationally ranked coed squad. She graduated from Clemson with a degree in community recreation and sports and camp management with a minor in business administration.

Upon moving to Charleston, Katey married James McCoy, and she and her husband became involved in Saint Andrews Church in Mount Pleasant and their downtown campus. She is passionate about foreign missions and youth ministry and has been involved in both for more than seven years. She currently works at GymMasters Gym Academy where she coaches gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading. She is also a coach with their all-star program, PCX.

This is Katey's first year coaching at Charleston Southern, and she feels blessed to have this opportunity. She says, “I am very excited to work for such a respectable school and with such a talented group of cheerleaders and look forward to the growth and success of the cheerleading program.”

Coaching Expectations and Philosophy:

  • Cheerleaders will abide by the rules and expectations of the school and the cheerleading handbook.
  • Cheerleaders will be ambassadors for themselves, the cheerleading program and CSU.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to participate in community outreach.
  • Cheerleaders should be AS good if not BETTER cheerleaders when they graduate.
  • Cheerleaders will treat their bodies, coaches and teammates with respect at ALL times.
  • Cheerleaders must have a good attitude and great teamwork manner.
  • Cheerleaders must be committed to coming to practices, games and events. Cheerleading must be a priority, just below an individual’s spiritual life and schoolwork. Absences not excused by the coach are considered inexcusable.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to look like a collegiate cheerleader at school games and events.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to know all of their cheers and dances.
  • Crowd appeal and sign usage are expected from all CSU cheerleaders.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to have a knowledge of the history and traditions at CSU.

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