Cheerleader Tryout Information


Cheerleaders are a vital part of the athletic culture at CSU. As a cheerleader at Charleston Southern you will attend all home football and basketball games. Cheerleaders also will attend some away games in the 2015 football season and the Big South Basketball tournament in March 2016. You will help lead the crowd and cheer on the Buccaneers!

We focus on leadership and service to our school and community. We meet weekly as a team to do Bible study, service projects for organizations off campus and help lead the way with school spirit on campus.


  • April 25, 10 a.m.-noon in the Brewer Center
  • June 11, 6-8 p.m. in the Brewer Center


Video Try-Outs

For individuals who are out of state or cannot make the in person try-out, video try-outs are available.  The individual should perform a cheer, dance, jumps (a toe touch, right and left hurdler and right and left pike) and both standing and running tumbling. At the beginning of the video, your name and location along with a short introduction should be included.

Cheerleaders should be dressed as if they were attending an in person try-out.

All paperwork needs to be filled out, signed and turned in before the video will be reviewed.


Important Information

What to Wear: gold, navy or white shorts and shirt, bow (for women),
Do not wear anything that says CSU Cheerleading on it.

Must bring: A signedassumption of risk form; new and transfer students must bring proof of acceptance to CSU. 

All cheerleaders trying out must bring proof of insurance and the results of their most recent physical performed by their family physician.  

 For More Information Contact

Hannah Gaz
Phone: 404-276-0139


Try-out Requirements

All women trying out must have a minimum of a standing back handspring and running round off back handspring (with the potential and willingness to learn more tumbling skills). Men trying out must be willing to learn to tumble but are not required to currently have tumbling skills.

Women trying out will be judged on:

  • A Cheer taught at tryouts
  • Standing and running tumbling
  • Toe touch and 3 jump combination or 2 jump to tumbling
  • Game day performance
  • Collegiate Image

Men trying out will be judged on:

  • Tumbling

This is a skills based try-out, meaning the harder skills you do, (with good execution, of course) the higher you will score.