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The Career Center offers current students internship opportunities through  Applied Learning Experience Program (APPLE). APPLE is a
structured educational program that integrates academic studies with learning through hands-on work experience. The internship may be full- or part-time and may be paid or unpaid. This program is supervised by the Assistant Dean through the Career Center. 3 general elective academic credits are granted to each student successfully completing an approved experience.

The internship experience requires a minimum of 120 hours of supervised work in an approved business or professional work setting. The course is designed to allow the student to focus on important career topics such as organization, culture, decision-making, leadership, values and ethics in the workplace. 

Charleston Southern University

Benefits of the Program

Real life work experience is a vital part of career preparation. This program gives students structured experiences which integrate academic studies and interests. You have the opportunity to learn through productive work experiences in a field related to your career goal.  

  •  Acquire essential practical skills in a professional setting
  •  Investigate full-time job leads in the future
  •  Develop professional and personal skills
  •  Make informed career decisions 
  •  Begin the process of networking with potential employers
  •  Apply theories learned in the classroom to a real world setting
  •  Ease the transition from student to professional


  • Full-time enrollment in a CSU undergraduate program
  • At least 61 credit hours, or junior status
  • Transfer students must have at least 15 credit hours
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Student must have prior approval from academic advisor

Application Process

  • Review the APPLE internship postings on the BucCareer Network for an internship that meets your academic and career needs 
  • Students should have a maximum of 15 credits prior to applying
  • Submit an application on the BucCareer Network under Profile & Service Learning. (If you do not have an account, register and your verified account will be approved within 2 business days.)
  • Once your application has been approved, you will receive an acceptance letter and you will be registered for GNED 398 or 399
  • Your acceptance letter will direct you to the mandatory online APPLE orientation and confirm program guidelines
  • No student is permitted to accumulate hours until completion of the APPLE orientation and approval from the APPLE course director .