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What is Christian Leadership?

The uniqueness of Christian Leadership is that, regardless of where that leadership is exercised – business, government, the church, family, etc. – it has as its foundation a distinctively biblical worldview, and, with that worldview comes an unparalleled role model, Jesus Christ. Christian Leadership is characterized by a desire to honor Christ in the leadership process, to keep Him central in every aspect of leading and of the organization being led. It values people as God’s image bearers, strives for excellence as a reflection that the organization is working for God, uses God’s Word as its primary resource, models a life that integrates faith throughout, and is continually looking for appropriate opportunities to share Christ with those in his/her sphere of influence. (Colossians 3:23-24)

Why is CSU putting such emphasis on Christian Leadership?

We live in a world being led by men and women whose preparation for leading and the worldview from which they lead are either devoid of any Christian influence or actually antagonistic to it. Charleston Southern is seeking to be at the leading edge of the movement to provide a steady flow of next generation leaders – whatever their vocational calling might be - who are equipped and committed to learning, leading and serving from a distinctively biblical worldview. At the same time, CSU is uniquely positioned to be a resource for both thought and marketplace / professional leaders whether they be in Charleston, the Southeast or anywhere in the world. We can impact the world today while we send out leaders for tomorrow.

Who is qualified to inform and educate people on this topic? What resources are available?

  1. For more than a decade, CSU has been building a faculty and staff that are deeply committed to the University’s vision of Learning, Leading and Serving from a biblical worldview and to integrating our faith into all we do – in and out of the classroom. This provides CSU with a wonderful team of amazingly competent and deeply committed educational leaders equipped to educate and inform students how to become effective Christian Leaders whatever their discipline of study might be.
  2. The Executive Director of the Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership is a recognized leader and speaker in the global workplace and leadership movement, having effectively led three corporations and three nonprofit ministry organizations while speaking and teaching in more than 20 countries
  3. A new, state-of-the-art Whitfield Center with excellent space and resources for any number of uses and events.
  4. Relationships with more than 20 Marketplace / Leadership organizations, and with several university centers whose purposes are synergistic with the Whitfield Center.
  5. The Whitfield Center will establish a robust Resource Library, online presence and Research Center

What are our mission and vision?

Mission: To equip individuals for leadership and service through the development of a biblical worldview.

Vision: To become a recognized source of leaders for the next generation who live and lead based on a worldview that is thoroughly biblical in content, transformational in nature, universal in scope, and applicable in the marketplace.

What impact will the Whitfield Center have on our target groups – faculty/staff, students, leaders outside the university?

  1. Faculty/staff will be increasingly affirmed, equipped and confident in their role in developing CSU’s students into effective, fruitful Christian Leaders when they graduate.
  2. Students will come to expect and experience intentional Christian Leadership development as part of the value of a CSU education. As our program grows and student leaders in the marketplace authenticate the effectiveness of our leadership focus, students will become increasingly valuable when they step into their career callings.
  3. As we expand our offerings and engage more leaders in Charleston and beyond, marketplace/professional leaders will be affirmed and equipped, and their leadership will begin to change the culture of companies and the city.

What is our strategy?

To equip and encourage our faculty and staff to equip and encourage our students, so that CSU becomes a dependable provider of leaders for the Kingdom of God who

1) KNOW what they believe

2) LIVE what they know

3) STRATEGICALLY APPLY what they know and how they live for the building God’s Kingdom wherever their calling might take them.

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$25,000 grant to assist CSU’s Veteran Students

$25,000 grant to assist CSU’s Veteran Students

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