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School of Christian Studies 

Welcome to Charleston Southern University’s School of Christian Studies. We offer bachelor degrees with majors in Christian Studies, Christian Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Languages and Student Ministry. Minors are available in Christian Leadership, Christian Missions and Church Planting, Christian Studies and Christian Worldview and Apologetics.

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Equipping Christian Disciples for Every Calling

The School of Christian Studies exists to equip students to think and live as Christian disciples in their unique calling. Learning to think and live as a Christian disciple includes saturating oneself in Scripture, reflecting deeply about personal existence and vocation, living in community with other believers in a local church setting, critically examining non-Christian worldviews, serving others in need, and proclaiming the gospel to all people.

The School of Christian Studies recognizes that a Christian academic institution cannot produce a Christian disciple by itself. Nevertheless, through our teaching, preaching and writing we desire to play a formative role in the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students.

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