Residence Hall FAQ


Are freshmen required to live on campus?

Traditional freshmen are required to live on campus unless they are from the local Charleston/Tri-county area or have been told otherwise by CSU’s Residence Life Department. Living on-campus is a great way to meet new people, adjust to college life and be in the center of all activities here at CSU.  You will be able to get to classes in just minutes, drop back to your room to trade books, and have easy access to professors and all the academic resources the campus offers. In addition, you are more likely to get involved in clubs and organizations, and stay involved.


Is on-campus housing guaranteed for freshmen?
We are committed to providing on-campus housing for freshmen and do not anticipate having problems doing so.


How do I get an application for on-campus housing?
Once you are admitted your enrollment counselor will provide all the applications for campus housing to you.


How are assignments made?
Room assignments will be made beginning in May and on an ongoing basis thereafter. Every effort is made to match roommates based on the information provided on the roommate questionnaire and individual discussions with CSU’s Enrollment Counselors. Before room assignments can be confirmed, all necessary forms, including the immunization record form, must be completed and returned to the Office of Enrollment Services. A $200.00 room deposit must also be made. This non-refundable deposit is due at the time of room reservation and will be applied to the fall and spring semesters. Students must make a room reservation and deposit each semester after their freshmen year. Based upon student population, students may be assigned 3 to a room, 5 to a suite.


May I request a particular residence hall?
CSU has specific buildings that are designated freshman residence halls. Russell East and Women’s North for female freshmen along with Russell West and Quad 1 for male freshmen. The Residence Life department will assign you to the halls as soon as you have completed your paperwork and deposits.


What is provided in each of the residence halls?
Residence hall rooms are arranged in spacious suites that can accommodate up to five people. Each room is joined by a bathroom and has cable TV, wireless Internet access, and a private telephone line with voice mail. Heating and air-conditioning is also provided.  Each room has a tiled floor, a window and two closets. The room is equipped with beds, chairs, desks, double dressers, a modular phone jack, cable connection, wireless Internet and venetian blinds. The windows are 65.5 inches long and 49.5 inches wide.


Are there any extra-long mattresses?
Extra-long mattresses are available upon request. Please contact the Res Life Office.


What will I need to bring?
  • Flashlight
  • Twin size sheets and bedspread
  • Pillow
  • Mattress Pad
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Bath Mat
  • Alarm Clock
  • Fire resistant window curtain and rod
  • Drying rack for clothes
  • Broom/dust pan
  • Wastebasket Iron and portable ironing board
  • Stereo and/or TV
  • Personal computer w/USB port
  • Airtight containers for snacks
  • Low amp. Microwave Refrigerator (no larger than 3.5 cu. ft.)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sewing Kit
  • Surge Protector


What should I leave at home?
  • Pets
  • Hotplates or any open burner device
  • Guns, metal point darts, knives, or any object that could be used or viewed as a weapon
  • Electric Blankets
  • Electric Heaters
  • Flammables
  • Candles or Incense
  • Extension cord without surge protection


Are there places in the residence halls where I can study?
Students can study in their rooms or in the study lounges provided in each of the residence halls. Students can also study in the CSU library which is open most evenings until midnight.


May I decorate my room?
We want you to personalize your room in order to make it more comfortable. Although you are not allowed to paint or paper your room, you can bring your own curtains and carpet. Since nails, screws and many adhesives (e.g., double-stick tape, carpet tape) are damaging to the walls and floor, we ask that you use only removable, nondamaging adhesives (e.g., 3M command) for attaching items to walls and doors. Window and floor sizes vary by dorm; therefore, you may want to wait until you arrive for classes before purchasing curtains and carpet in case your assignment changes over the summer.


May I have visitors in my room?
Guests must be of the same gender as the occupant. A Guest Registration Card from the residence life office must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the guest’s arrival on campus. Overnight guests may spend a weekend night (Friday and Saturday) provided satisfactory sleeping arrangements have been worked out with your roommate, suitemates or hallmates. No guests are allowed during exam week. Guests will not be allowed to stay in any room unless one of the occupants of that room is present. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Director of Residence Life. No babysitting is allowed in Residence Halls.
Nonvisitation Policy
Residents’ rooms and hallways are off limits to persons of the opposite sex at all times other than designated Open House nights. Only designated lounges are to be used for visiting in the residence halls. The only exceptions are check-in and check-out days when it is permissible before 5 p.m. Permission from the RLC is required. Violators of this regulation shall be subject to immediate disciplinary action.
Open House Policy
Charleston Southern University makes available an Open House program from 7 p.m. until 12 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Complete rules are posted at each residence hall check-in station and lounge. Failure to comply with the Open House program will result in the loss of Open House privileges. Open House days and times are subject to change.


Do I have to eat in the dining hall?
Eating on campus is a terrific way to stay connected with friends, grab a quick bite between classes and get good tasting food. All students living on campus have a meal plan. So although you do not have to eat in the CAF or Edwards Express, the bigger question is, why not?


May I cook in my room?

Low amp. microwaves are the only cooking devices that are allowed in the dorm rooms.

Are there laundry services available?
Each residence hall is equipped with laundry facilities.


What about stereos or TVs?
Each building has a social lounge that is equipped with a TV for your use, but you may bring your own TV or Stereo. You may want to coordinate with your roommate(s) so that you can utilize your room space well. Consider bringing headphones if you play your TV or stereo loudly – that way you won’t bother other students who may be trying to sleep or study.


May I bring a pet?
Fish are the only pets allowed in the residence halls and apartments. Fish tanks are limited to 10 gallons or less.


Will there be parking close to my residence hall?
Parking is provided in lots located adjacent to or in close proximity of the residence halls. You must purchase a University parking permit to park in these areas. We do offer on-campus security escorts 24 hours a day so that you will never have to walk across the campus alone.


May I bring a bicycle?
You may bring a bicycle, and bicycle racks are provided outside of each residence hall. We recommend that you purchase a heavy-duty lock to secure your bicycle. Bicycles may also be stored in your room with the agreement of all your roommates.


How do I receive my mail?
If you are living in the residence halls your mail will be delivered to the CSU campus post office located on the 1st floor of the Strom Thurmond Center. All students living on-campus are required to have a CSU mailbox number. There is no charge for mail sent to any on campus address. Most services of a regular post office are available on campus at regular prices. This will be how your address should appear on mail for you to receive it in a timely fashion:
Student Name
CSU Box # P.O. Box 118087
Charleston, SC 29423


How can I make long distance phone calls?
Long distance calls may be placed by using the long distance service of your choice via calling card, or you may apply for a long distance code provided by the university.


May I bring my own telephone and/or answering machine?
You will need to bring your own phone, but voice mail is provided on every phone line. So you do not need to purchase an answering machine.


What if my roommate and I do not get along?
College is a time of new growth and discovery. When conflicts arise, we encourage roommates to communicate their concerns to each other. However, we acknowledge that there are times a neutral prospective, such as from a member of the Residence Life Staff, helps in the mediation process. Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) are professional staff members who oversee conflicts needing more attention. All RLCs are trained in conflict resolution and low-level mediation. They can also facilitate room changes, if needed.


What is a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)?
RLCs are full-time CSU staff members who supervise the student Resident Advisors in performance of their duties and are responsible for all aspects of the housing and residence life system. The RLCs act on behalf of the Director of Residence Life  in his absence and are the primary facilitators of all residence hall programs. The RLCs are present to assist students with any problems that may arise in the residence halls.


What is a Resident Advisor (RA)?
On every floor of every residence hall there is at least one RA. A resident advisor is a student member of the Residence Life Staff. The RAs are selected on the basis of their ability and desire to develop the peer counseling, advising and leadership skills necessary to create an effective learning environment. RAs are responsible for assisting students in making a smooth adjustment to campus life, enforcing rules and policies, providing answers to questions, issuing supplies, handling student problems, facilitating residence hall programs and many other duties which may arise in the residence halls.
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