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One of the most significant and concrete ways candidates develop an understanding of the teaching/learning process is through direct experiences in diverse classroom environments.  Most education courses require practicum experiences in school settings.  Depending on the objectives of the course, candidates are required to spend a specified number of hours completing practicum requirements in diverse field placements.  It is important that candidates are prepared to complete field experiences during the school day.  Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to designated or assigned sites. Since practicum requirements comprise a critical component of pre-service teaching preparation, candidates that are employed must make arrangements with their employer.  Field Experiences and Clinical Practice are arranged in three levels. 

  • Field Experiences involves observation and participation, including teaching small groups, locating materials, and providing general assistance to a cooperating teacher.
  • Structured Field Experiences candidates engage in more substantive tasks such as whole-class instruction, choosing curriculum materials, planning, implementing, analyzing and modifying instructional practices.
  • Clinical Practice is the final level and completed just prior to graduation (Student Teaching experience).
  • It is our expectation that through this sequential program of practicum experiences candidates will gain firsthand knowledge of life in the classroom.  Specific purposes, activities, and procedures for each practicum are described in detail on the individual practicum expectations forms candidates receive in each course.

Candidates are required to complete the Field Experience Request in the Field Experience Module (FEM) in LIVETEXT.  In addition each candidate must view the "Field Experiences" PowerPoint in the LIVETEXT portfolio and follow the instructions on the last slide.

Benchmark  2:  Program Progression in the Teacher Education Program

1.  Complete field experiences with Pass/Fail criterion in diverse settings
2.  Complete all Professional foundation and Professional Studies coursework with a "C" or better and (only for Secondary and PreK-12) Specialized Studies with a "C" or better.
3.  Maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 and for Secondary/PreK-12 programs a GPA of 2.5 in Specialized Studies
4.  Ongoing review by the Teacher Education Committee

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School of Ed receives national recognition


School of Ed receives national recognition
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