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Global Awakening Sparks Student Awareness and Saves a Child

Rachelle Rea

Global AwakeningAt Global Awakening, 41 students made a decision for Christ and more than $1700 was raised to save a child through Operation Baby Rescue. Global Awakening invited students to worship under the leadership of the campus worship team and Matt Papa. Students listened to the messages of representatives from Operation Baby Rescue, the Dream Center and the Cru-sponsored Travel Team.

Shelley Ray, a sophomore, helped prepare for the event as an Orientation Team Leader. "Global Awakening opened my eyes wider to the many problems in the world … Each night tore my heart in a different way,” she said. 

On Sunday night, the campus worship team led the students in song before Noel Brewer Yeatts, vice president of World Help and author of Awake: Doing a World of Good One Person at a Time, spoke about Operation Baby Rescue. Yeatts challenged students to “see the one”— to not be overwhelmed by poverty but instead reach out with the love of Christ to one person.

That night, students raised $1700 for Operation Baby Rescue, which covers the cost of rescuing one baby and begins the initiative to save a second child. Betsy Bolick, director of women’s ministry, said, “That first night I felt we were seeing a glimpse of what it is to worship in heaven. God set those in bondage free, healed hurts from their past and saved the souls of so many lost.”

Bolick shared her prayer for the students who attended Awakening. “I asked the Lord to break their hearts for what breaks His and set a fire in their hearts to make disciples. I am praying for a revival for CSU, and I believe it started the first night of Awakening. We have yet to see the full extent of what God is going to do this year! I am excited to watch and be a part of it.”

On Monday night, Papa led worship before representatives from the Dream Center spoke to students about how evil abounds and yet God is working in the Charleston County area. Student and Cru volunteer Natalie Kies remarked, “The second night was super special because it brought everything home. It reminded me that there are broken and hurting people less than 10 miles away. Although that's a hard truth to face, I was so encouraged by what the Dream Center does for our community and how much they really desire to see our city be transformed by the love of Jesus.”

Tuesday night was climactic for many students. Papa led worship, and Sean Cooper from the Cru-sponsored Travel Team spoke about how God’s mission is to make His name known among the nations. He cited Psalm 46:10, the first half of which is well-known: “He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God’…” Cooper mentioned that too often Christians neglect the rest of the verse: “I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth” (NIV).

Natalie Kies, a junior English education major, said, “I don't think I can look back at my personal walk with God without seeing the last night as a defining moment. I left completely in awe of God and His one agenda: to make Jesus known among the nations. And the fact that God desires all His children to play a part in that agenda blows me away and makes me so excited.”

Kies made a decision that night. “I had been wrestling with God for a while about a call that I felt Him placing on my life to go on STINT with Cru after I graduate college. God used Awakening to remind me that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few and that I get the beautiful opportunity to be a laborer in that harvest. After God opened my eyes to that truth, how could I not say yes to His call? So that's exactly what I did. I pulled out my journal and wrote: I’m going on STINT.”

Hannah Lowder, a junior biology major, said, “I was personally impacted especially by the third night because it is all about bringing Him the preeminence! … [On Tuesday] I just got a holy discontentment again that has been building and pushing me to go.” She credits Awakening with increasing her burden “to pray all the more and harder and longer for those who have never heard — and seek after the opportunities to go.”

“The Lord moved in a mighty way! I watched as student after student flooded the aisles to fall on their knees before the Lord and commit their lives to be missional people," said Bolick. "Several students said to me, ‘I know the Lord is calling me to the mission field’ or ‘The Lord broke my heart tonight and opened my eyes to get my life right with Him.’ I think they have a new focus for this year to be missionaries on this campus, share the gospel with their friends and family!”

Kies also said that other students spoke to her about what God did on Tuesday night. “I was privileged to talk to a few students who said they really feel burdened for the lost in our world and couldn't wait until God brought them to other countries to share the love of Jesus.

"Awakening reminded me that my life is not my own but belongs to God," she said. "And without a doubt in my mind I know that God wants to use my life, and all His children's lives, to make Jesus known in all nations. We serve a loving and gracious God who wants to bless His children by letting them take part in His agenda.” 



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