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CSU students fight human trafficking

University Relations

Amelia Wilson squinted through the sunlight and gently smiled as she spoke; ironic for such a dark subject. Wilson, a Bishopville native, is passionate about putting an end to human trafficking.

“It starts with someone as little as me,” she said. “You have to start somewhere.”

Here is Charleston Southern University, where Wilson and fellow students rallied to “Shine a Light on Slavery,” a day designed by the End It Movement to build awareness of the human trafficking. According to the organizations website, more than 27 million men, women and children trapped in slavery around the world today.

The numbers are shocking – and frightening.

“The biggest thing that scares me is, it can be happening around the corner or I could be next and not even know it,” said Wilson. “Girls are getting sold on Craigslist … starting with kids at the age of five. I have a niece that age. It really affected me. It could be me or my niece.”

Alexis Brantley, a biology and criminal justice major at Charleston Southern, spoke with students, encouraging them to grab the red Sharpie and draw a RED X on their hand.

Throughout the day students pledged time and money to support Doors to Freedom, a local non-profit initiative that provides counseling, life skills training and vocational training for survivors of sex trafficking.

“It gives survivors a chance to start over,” said Brantley.

Charleston Southern Visa coordinator Julie Jongsma encourages both students and the local community to get involved in supporting the End It Movement. For more information, visit the following resources:

To partner or support the End in Movement at Charleston Southern University, contact Julie Jongsma at 843-863-7839 or email jjongsma@csuniv.edu.



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