Health Promotion



The Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion provides students with a strong foundation of coursework that prepares them for academic success through quality instruction and advancement in the knowledge and skills to serve competently as a health education specialist. The Health Promotion major curriculum is designed to also prepare students to be eligible for the credentialing exam offered by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC) to become a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

Health Promotion Major Curriculum Requirements:

Liberal Arts Core – 47 hours, consisting of:

  • ENGL 111 and 112;
  • ENGL 201 or 202;
  • MATH 105 or higher;
  • RELI 111 and 112;
  • CHEM 110;
  • BIOL 226;
  • HIST 111,112,113;
  • PSYC 110;
  • COMM 110;
  • COIN 209 or approved course;
  • Foreign Language/Literature 200 level;
  • ART 201 or ART 202 or MUSI 171;
  • POLI 201 or History Elective

(Students must earn grades of C or better in ENGL 111 and 112; MATH 105 or higher; CHEM 110; and BIOL 226.)

Supporting Courses – 22-23 hours

  • BIOL 227;
  • BIOL 345;
  • HEAL 260;
  • KINE 201;
  • SOCI 101;
  • SOCI 312; and,
  • PSYC/SOCI 301 or approved 3 hour statistics course

(Students must earn grades of C or better in supporting courses.)

Approved Health Electives – 12 hours

Major Courses – 46 hours (Students must earn grades of C or better in major courses.)
HEAL 100 Essentials of Health Promotion 3sh
HEAL 209 Concepts of Health Promotion (cross listed with NURS 209) 3sh
HEAL 210 Health Behaviors 3sh
HEAL 212 Diseases and Disorders 3sh
HEAL 301 Foundations of Health Education 3sh
HEAL 302 Strategies in Health Education 3sh
HEAL 303 Women’s Health 3sh
HEAL 401 Substance Abuse Prevention Education 3sh
HEAL 402 Health and Aging 3sh
HEAL 403 Planning, Management/Evaluation of Health Education Programs 3sh
HEAL 416 Spirituality, Health and Healing 3sh
HEAL 405 Research in Healthcare (cross listed with current NURS 405) 3sh
HEAL 406 Internship 4sh
HEAL 407 Community and Environmental Health Surveillance 3sh
HEAL 410 Capstone 3sh


Health Promotion Minor

A minor in Health Promotion consists of 18 semester hours of Health Promotion courses, at the 200 level or above.

Prerequisite for all Health Promotion courses (does not count toward Minor): NURS 102 or HEAL 100

The eighteen hours (in addition to NURS 102 or HEAL 100) for the Health Promotion minor will consist of:


            A. Minor Studies:                                                          12 hours        

NURS/HEAL 209 Concepts of Community Health Promotion

HEAL 210 Health Behaviors

HEAL 301 Foundations of Health Promotion

HEAL 302 Strategies in Health Promotion.


B. Minor Electives:                                                            6 hours

        Six hours chosen from HEAL 212, 300, 304, 311; NURS 217, 260, 303, 401, 402, 407, and 416.


      Total requirements for Minor                                        18 hours

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